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Get the Inside Scoop: Using LinkedIn to uncover family-friendly companies

job search linkedin Feb 13, 2024
mom using LinkedIn on computer

We’ve all heard the horror stories of employees who work for companies that care more about their profits than their employees’ wellbeing.  The ironic thing is that we now know that it’s better for a company’s bottom line when their employees thrive. 

For moms gearing up to reenter the workforce, finding a family-friendly employer isn't just a perk – it's a requirement. But without knowing the ins and outs of a company’s culture, where do you even start?   

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and worried that you may need to sacrifice those precious family moments for late nights at the office or long commutes, keep reading.  There are a variety of ways to learn about companies and the ways they support parents. In this post, we are sharing our favorite approaches to gathering this information using LinkedIn.  Let’s dive in! 

Leverage LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful job search tools to incorporate into your process.  The platform is not only a robust job board for opportunities across industries, but it also acts as your professional online presence, a gateway to connecting with recruiters, a space to gain insights into company cultures, and a powerful way to build your network.  In this post, we will focus on how to learn more about companies, their work environments, and the support they provide for parents. However, if you’d like to learn more about other facets of LinkedIn, check out our post, Launching into LinkedIn: A Step-by-Step Guide for Stay-at-Home Moms.  For now, let’s talk about helpful tactics to find a company that will support your life as a mom, your work as a professional, and the delicate blend of the two! 

  1. Search for jobs that offer remote or hybrid work environments. Companies that offer remote and/or hybrid positions likely understand the value of providing flexibility for their employees.  These companies may be more friendly to parents who are juggling family life and professional life.  Start a list of companies that offer these types of positions and then hone in on whether they offer positions within your areas of expertise. 
  2. Use "All filters to search for companies that offer the benefits you need. When exploring the Jobs section of LinkedIn, its easy to see the main filters around experience, salary, and remote options. But many people neglect the important option to select “All filters”. Here, you can find filters for Job Type, Industry, Job Function, and importantly “Benefits” so you can narrow in on jobs that provide the support you and your family need. 
  3. Search for companies that you’re interested in, and visit their LinkedIn company page.  Look for clues regarding their work environment and company culture specifically on their “Life” tab, where you’ll likely find videos, photos, and content outlining their company culture, values, benefits, and other information. 
  4. Follow companies that may be a fit for the type of work you’d like to do and the environment where you’ll thrive as a mom and an employee.  Once you follow the company, you’ll see their updates and posts in your newsfeed and can learn more about the company and their open opportunities.  
  5. Build and engage your network.  Building new connections and maintaining contact with those who are already in your network is a great job searching tip for many reasons, but it’s also a great way to get the inside scoop about companies and the ways they do (or don’t) support their employees.  Going to the source – a contact who already works at the company - to learn about the employee experience is such an effective strategy to learn. And, it provides an additional benefit of a potential employee referral to help you navigate the job application and interview process. 

If LinkedIn is an unfamiliar platform for you, don’t be discouraged – it's quick and easy to build a free profile and learn how its functionality can support you and your job search goals.  If you’re already active on LinkedIn, this is a great time to update your profile (if necessary) start using the various features that will give you a competitive edge on your job search journey.  Now’s the time to optimize your search with LinkedIn – we're with you all the way! 

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