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We're Home to Hired

As professionals and career coaches – who have also stayed home with our own kids – we understand that for many moms, each passing day of a career break can bring us great joy and fulfillment, but also can bring stress and anxiety, and leave us questioning our value if and when we decide to return to the workforce. That’s where Home to Hired aims to be your go-to resource, support, and champion. You don’t have to navigate this part of your journey alone, and you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to get the support you need.


We know you’re a busy mom

You don’t have time to piece together information from across the internet to figure out how to write or revise your resume or prepare for interviews with a resume gap.

That’s why we’ve brought it all together for you - in our resources, Career Concierge service, and upcoming signature course “Home to Hired” (sign up for our newsletter below for latest updates on our course launch).  

We know you have so many things on your plate and we understand the value of your time – that's why we are dedicated to providing the best value for every minute you spend with us. 

When the time is right for you and your family, we are honored to be your go-to resource through this transition, and can’t wait to celebrate when you land that dream job.   

Our background

We are a team of professionals with over 30 years of combined professional experience. 

We have coached hundreds of women, so we understand the journey you're on.

And, after supporting the hiring of thousands of people, we deeply understand what employers are looking for.

  • 400+ people coached and mentored
  • 1500+ coaching sessions conducted 
  • Screened thousands of applicants - including candidate resume reviews
  • Contributed to hiring decisions for over 200 employees into roles across industries
  • Industry experience across Tech, Consulting, Higher Education, Digital Art/Animation, Finance, Marketing, and Social Services

We believe

  • There is always a place for you - your skills, experience, interests, and perspective
  • Returning moms are highly effective, undeniably strong, and uniquely skilled
  • Our families are stronger when women find their own  balance between career and motherhood
  • Employers are stronger when they hire moms returning to the workforce
  • In you - even if you're still on the journey to fully believing in yourself

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